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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Canby Grove Christian Center Dinning Hall
2-hour blocks from 7am-5pm

Come Join us for our 2nd Annual Cookie Bake at The Grove. The Cookie Bake is an opportunity to take care of your holiday cooking needs, baking with friends and family in a festive atmosphere, cooking and frosting dozens of cookies at a time and having no mess to clean up. There are a limited amount of reservations available so you will need to sign up quickly. Pre-Payment of your dough is required for your reservation to be held.

Our cookie dough is “homemade” in our commercial kitchen. We use butter instead of Crisco for both our frosting and our dough, and we use pure vanilla. A commercial convection oven with many racks is used to bake the cookies faster than a home oven.

In addition to the Cookie Bake, Gifts at the Grove Christmas Store (10am-4pm) and The Snack Bar (8am-4pm) will be open.

Come join us for a fun, festive day with family and friends, celebrating the Christmas season and baking cookie gifts with love.

How it Works:

All dough must be pre-purchased online with a debit or credit card Click on button above or below to purchase dough and reserve table time.
• A 2-hour block of time must be reserved at the time of dough purchase to have a table held for you.
• Come to Canby Grove Dinning Hall (signs will point the way) on December 1, for the time slot you have reserved.
• Bring friends or family to help you roll and cut out cookies. (Tables hold up to 6 people helping to roll out dough although 4 would leave more room.)
• Dough that you ordered and pre-paid ahead of time will be waiting for you.
• Roll out and cut cookies, place on a cookie sheet and give to a staff member to cook for you.
• Get two more trays and keep rolling and cutting while your other cookies are baking.
• When cookies are baked your cookie sheet will be brought out on a cooling rack for you to retrieve and frost.
• When your time for baking is up you will move to the frosting room to frost your cookies
or take them home and frost at home.

Sugar cookie dough is $35 for a 10 pound bag, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is $30 for a 5 pound bag and Gingerbread dough is $30 for a 5 pound bag.


With the purchase of a bag of dough you also receive:
A 2-hr block of time at a 60” round table for prepping and cutting cookies (room for 4-6 people)
2 large commercial size cookie sheets at a time per bag of dough purchased
Flour for your cutting surface
Your cookies cooked in our commercial ovens by our baking staff, while you wait

Frosting is available for purchase (or bring your own)
White frosting is $3 per 4 cups of frosting.
Bring your own food coloring for colors.
To go containers will be provided for frosting if you want to frost at home
If you choose to frost cookies at The Grove you will have a frosting table available for and additional hour in the frosting room.

Cake boxes available for $2 each if you do not bring your own travel home container.

What you will need:

• Hot Pads
• Rolling Pin
• Spatula for placing cookies on sheet
• Rubber spatula for mixing colors and “mix-ins”
• Cookie Cutters
• Bowls for mix-ins added and frosting colors
• Spoons
• Towels
• Wet towels for wiping off hands
• Ziplock plastic bags for separating cookies, dirty utensils or left over mix-ins,
• Traveling Container for all your wonderful cookie creations

Some people like to mix-in special flavors or ingredients into their prepared sugar cookie dough before cooking. This can be done to the whole bag of dough or split it up and mix several flavors into the sugar cookie dough for a great variety.

Suggestions of possible “mix-ins” to bring with you:

• Almond Extract
• Crushed Pecans
• Crushed Candy Canes
• Dried Cranberries
• Macadamia Nuts
• Shredded Coconut 
• White Chocolate Chips
• Peanut Butter
• Hershey kisses 
• Heath Bits
• M&M's 
• Peppermint Extract
• Crushed Andes Mints 
• Cinnamon Red Hots 
• Cinnamon and Sugar 
• Sprinkles